Opportunity for higher sales and happy, loyal
car wash customers

"Our partnership with Euro Car Wash has been a key component of our success."

"EasyWash mobile app and Pineline chemicals increased our revenue per car without increasing labor."

"For a car wash operator, partnership with Euro Car Wash is all that is needed for successful car wash business"

Steady income
Loyal customers
Easy to manage

EasyWash is a payment solution for car washes.

It automates the car wash business, from selling and paying for the wash to managing the monthly recurring payments of the membership loyalty program.

For car wash owners

This drives into significant additional sales and stable revenues by  converting one-time customers into recurring monthly revenues.

For the customer

The mobile payments app means ease and speed. ANPR changes the car wash customer journey into a quick and convenient experience. 

EasyWash return expectation

The current number of car washes per year
Exclusive of VAT.
The variable costs of a single wash, such as water, electricity, soaps.

The calculator formula is based on the statistics we have acquired over 20 years of building Car Washing industry solutions.

Today 783 Car Wash stations use EasyWash. Formula gives average values. Our experience is that by hard work and excelent customer service You can even quadruple your turnover.

EasyWash offers posibility to be successful

EasyWash - a car wash mobile payments app

Get EasyWash

  • You can even quadruple your turnover without increasing your expenses.
  • With membership programs one-time customers become loyal monthly members.
  • The monthly membership fee is a steady income.
  • You can tailor campaigns to social media channels.
  • The data tells you which campaign works and which doesn’t.
  • It is the most used payment system in car washes in Scandinavia.

EasyWash is designed to work seamlessly with your current setup – no matter where or when you bought your current system.


be a market leader – Choose Pineline

Cleaner cars, shorter washing times,
Save up to 40% of Chemical costs!

In addition to the best washing results on the market, Pineline car wash chemicals cut the required washing time in half. Environmentally certified biodegradable washing chemicals have been developed to improve biological water purification efficiency.

Pineline car wash products have become pioneers in the field in terms of quality, safety and innovation. The advanced chemistry behind the products offers a wide range of biodegradable and ecological chemicals that not only save chemical costs, but also removes troublesome dirt and leaves the car with a beautiful shine.

Happy customer is a loyal customer.

We offer the best, tested and proven solutions needed for profitable car wash business

We focus on your individual needs, taylor our services if needed, aiming to support your success. When you call, you’ll always talk to a real person and get the answers you need to your questions right away.

Longer lifetime, longer maintenance interval

Discover the Powerful modern car wash technology. ECW offers Car Washes starting with portal car washes for filling stations with little space requirements up to tunnel car washes with high washing volumes.

Turnkey service, all ready to prosper

The ECW Compact Module enables profitable business from day one – and at the end of the leasing period, the investment is entirely the customer’s.

Water treatment gives competive leverage

The Rotating Bed Biofilm Reactor (RBBR)
keeps the bioreactor clean without wear or friction. Reactor maintenance can be carried out easily. The recycling rate may be as high as 90%.

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