Rollover Machines

Christ in Germany is the world’s second largest washing machine manufacturer, a family business whose high-quality products can always be trusted. Christ’s machines have the lowest maintenance costs and lowest operating costs – as well as the world’s fastest roll overs!

When a customer is given the opportunity to buy washes at different prices at different quality levels, such a price layout has a clear average price-increasing effect. It is important to remember that there must be a real difference in content between washes, so that the customer genuinely feels that they are getting value for the additional price they pay. Few customers come to the cashier to tell their disappointment, but vote with their feet and become customers of a competing washing station. In addition to the high average price, it is also important to take care of the cost structure so that the improved average price is not reflected in the correspondingly additional costs.

Aquatus Prime

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The washing companies that depend on high-quality, high-performance technology, should look no further than Primus. Primus, which meets even the wildest requirements, is in a class of its own thanks to its high-quality basic technical equipment

Genius Vitesse

Genius Vitesse‘s high-quality basic equipment is an excellent choice for a professional who appreciates good washing performance, reliable car washing machine and satisfied customers – not forgetting high performance and high washing capacity. Genius Vitesse is the fastest car wash on the market in its class.


Varius guarantees high-quality car washing. High-quality basic technical equipment goes a long way and keeps customers satisfied.


Specially designed for washing commercial vehicles and vans, Centus is an ideal choice for car dealerships, garages and service stations. In many localities, the needs of van owners have not been taken into account – because Centus can wash even tall cars, it is an excellent way to stand out on the market.

Varius Takt

If you have room to build practically two washing machines in a row, your choice is Varius Takt. Varius Takt allows you to almost double the speed of washing. Its main feature is that in the latter part, the polishing of the car can be carried out with polishing brushes designed for polishing, ensuring the best polishing result on the market. The second compartment of Varius Test is completely dry, so the polishing brushes of the car washer always stay dry. If you want the “perfect car wash result”, use Varius Takt.



High-quality construction, sustainable building materials and modern technology are a matter of honour for Euro Car Wash. We build washing streets on site using the best components on the market. Euro Car Wash is finland’s market leader in the sale of washing streets.

Since the efficiency of the washing street is determined by chain speed, the ECW washing street uses a washing speed with a speed of 6 seconds per metre for the chain driving the car. Euro Car Wash uses the forged iron chain as a chain material, which is the strongest and most maintenance-free chain on the market. Approximately 300,000 washes can be washed with the chain.

High chain speed has many strengths: the faster the chain travels, the less energy it consumes and water – and most importantly, the amount of washing chemicals used decreases proportionally. In addition, high chain speed naturally enables a larger number of customers to be processed than their slower competitors.


Option A: Unmanned car wash street

Automatic laundry street without prewashing and polishing wax search. Minimum length of washing street 25 m. Typical target group: car dealership maintenance washes.


Option B: Manned car wash street


Automatic laundry street without polishing wax search, but with manual prewashing. Minimum length of washing street 25 m. Typical target group: washing entrepreneurs with limited washing street length.


Option C: Unmanned car wash street

Automatic washing street without pre-washing and polishing waxing. The minimum length of the washing street is 35 m. Typical target group: washing contractors and car dealerships.


Option D: Manned car wash street

Automatic washing street with waxing system and manual prewash. The minimum length of the washing street is 35 m. Typical target group: laundry street entrepreneurs who also offer their customers Premium laundry quality.


Option E: Environmentally certified unmanned washing street

Automatic wash street with automatic prewash and Shinex waxing system. Minimum length of the washing street is 45 m. Typical target group: unoccupied washing street for 24/7 operation. The method most cost-effectively achieves maximum washing capacity. The system requires the use of recycled water equipment.


Taurus equipment – the washing machine includes:
– Drive rails.
– 1 roof brush.
– Frequency converter controlled drive motors.
– Application of chemicals
– Low pressure water rinsing.
– Washing programs.
– Control screen.

Equipment including:
– Oscillating JETSTREAM high pressure system.
– Guide rails.
– Wash brush guards.
– Special chemical lines.


The fully automatic truck wash machine is designed for demanding use. The side brushes are supported by bearings at both the top and bottom. The body of the washing machine is made to last. The strongly welded and galvanized steel frame guarantees a long service life. The electronically controlled roof and side brushes optimize the brush pressure that completes the wash. This washing machine can be used to wash all types of trucks.